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Business: Company Information

A Guide to library resources and information for Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Enterprise, Marketing, Strategy and Operations staff and students

Where to find company information

We have subscriptions to the following...

Covers UK and Irish companies

Providing data for:

  • Company accounts
  • Ratios
  • Activities
  • Ownership and management

Company levels are:
Turnover > £1.5 million
Profits > £150,000
Shareholder Funds > £1.5 million

Covers Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Provides data for: 

  • Standardised annual accounts (for up to 10 years) -consolidated and unconsolidated.
  • Financial ratios
  • activities and ownership for over 7 million companies.

Company levels are:
Operating revenue > €15 million
Total assets > €30 million
Number of employees > 150

Covers across the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

  • Provides data for: 
    • Accounts
    • Ratios
    • Activities
    • Ownership and management for around 80,000 very large companies.

 Company levels are:
Operating revenue >= 100 million EUR (130 million USD)
Total assets >= 200 million EUR (260 million USD)
Number of employees >= 1,000

Business Source Complete from EBSCO provides a section with Company Profiles. International company profiles are provided by MarketLine.

Information for over 100 million companies worldwide.

Nexis company information is uses data from a range of sources including:

  • Dun & Bradstreet

  • Hoover's Company Profiles

  • Mergent

  • ICC Directory of UK Companies

  • ICC Financial Analysis Reports.

To search for company information, select Company Profiles in the database.


**FAME, Amadeus and Oriana are provided by Bureau van Dijk (BVD)        


What do the Bureau Van Djik databases cover?


Company Websites

A good place to start for company information is the company's own website. These can be either:

1) The 'brand' website, this is primarily used to promote the business to the customer so has an advertising focus. e.g shop with online payments for services and goods.

2) The 'corporate' website, which is primarily for other businesses, newspapers, the media and students/staff doing research. You'll find annual reports, corporate information and  lists of key members of staff.

Company Reports

Current annual reports are normally readily available on company websites.

If you are looking to identify historical trends, analyse content, and look for changes then you will need access to previous versions and data.

We hold a collection of historical annual reports for UK companies from the 1960s onwards. These reports are currently held within our Research Reserve at the Team Valley in Gateshead. The library can arrange for researchers to visit the Research Reserve or bring over specific reports boxes to consult in the Robinson Library. These reports are reference only.

The boxes are arranged alphabetically by company name and this is all that is required for library staff to check our holdings.