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Business: Journal Articles/Databases

A Guide to library resources and information for Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Enterprise, Marketing, Strategy and Operations staff and students

Powerpoint - Business Source Complete looking for articles

JSTOR- Text analyzer

Key Databases and EJ Collections for Business

Electronic Journals give the full-text of journal articles online, so are handy for a quick search but are not as comprehensive as databases.

Examples of full-text journals collections for Business include:

Bibliographic databases give you a global overview of the literature in a subject area. They provide an index to journal articles and conference papers from a wide range of publishers – many databases provide an abstract of a paper but NOT the full-text. Key Databases for Business include:


Not sure which journals to use?

A good starting point is to identify which journals are highly recommended or are rated/ranked highly. You can do this using:

Financial Times Top 45 Journals

ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide (you need to create a free username and password on the site before you can view the guide)

Journal Quality List from

Library Search - when to use?

Library Search enables you to explore our high quality resources, such as books and DVDs from the library catalogue, as well as journal articles from many of our databases.

"Sounds good! So why should I still bother searching specialist databases such as Business Source Premier, Historical Abstracts or Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts, if Library Search can find everything?"

You're likely to benefit from more advanced search options, and get more precise search results, if you use specialist databases. For example, you'll often get more sophisticated options for narrowing down your search, setting up alerts and choosing search terms using a built-in thesaurus.

Specialist databases usually just focus on particular subject areas (e.g. music, film studies, linguistics), whereas Library Search covers all topics. Therefore, searching specialist databases should give you more focused and relevant results.

Library Search doesn't index everything. In particular, specialist materials such as historic newspapers and archives aren't covered. Not sure what's included in Library Search? Full list here.



So.... Library Search is great for finding books, DVDs and certain other resources, and is a helpful starting point for a wider search of journal articles. However, for a more precise and relevant search, please explore our specialist subject databases as well.