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Business: Help with Writing and Maths

A Guide to library resources and information for Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Enterprise, Marketing, Strategy and Operations staff and students

The Writing Development Centre (WDC)

The Writing Development Centre, based on Level 2 of the Philip Robinson Library, offer expert help and advice on a range of academic skills, including:

  • Note taking
  • Planning and structuring writing
  • Academic writing styles
  • Exams and revision
  • Critical thinking


For general information and advice look at the Writing Development Centre's web page. There are lots of resources to help you to improve your writing skills. Most sections deal with aspects of academic writing, but they also include information on general writing skills, with a focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If you feel need specific advice on a piece of work you are doing e.g., help with referencing or your writing style, then you can book an individual tutorial


Academic Skills Kit (ASK)

ASK has advice on developing your academic skills and information about where you can go for support.


Maths-Aid, based on Level 2 of the Philip Robinson Library, is a drop-in centre providing a free and confidential service to all students of Newcastle University. They provide professional assistance and advice on all aspect of mathematics and statistics including:

  • preparation for exams
  • developing problem solving and numerical skills
  • advice on correcting mistakes and overcoming problems in everyday academic work
  • help in understanding lecture notes
  • advice on graduate numerical skills tests

See their webpage for further information.

A new wiki has been launched to help Business students with Maths.