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Business: Can't find the book you want?

A Guide to library resources and information for Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business, Human Resource Management, Innovation and Enterprise, Marketing, Strategy and Operations staff and students

The 3Rs

If the book you want isn't on the shelf you can:

RESERVE - Make a reservation (or hold)

If all copies of the book are out on loan, make a reservation (or 'hold') via Library Search . We'll email you when the book becomes available.

RECOMMEND - Ask the Library to purchase the book for you

If you are a student you can ask us to purchase a book by completing a Books on Time request form.

If you are a member of University staff, and you would like to recommend a book for purchase, then please complete a Suggest a Book form.

REQUEST - Make an Inter-library loan request

If we don't own the book you want then you can ask for an Inter Library Loan and we'll borrow the book for you from the British Library.

Three easy steps...

Nooooo! The Library doesn't have the book I need!