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Law: Hold Requests

Library and information resources for staff and students in Newcastle Law School

How to make a Hold - the video

Help! I don't know what that means?

Holds waiting to be collected in the STC at the Philip Robinson Library


How to make a Hold - written instructions

Collecting your Hold Request

When the book you've requested arrives at the library, you will be sent an email immediately telling you that it is available to collect and from which library you need to collect it from.

You have 5 days to come in & collect your hold.  The date that we will keep the book reserved for you is stated on your 'Hold Awaiting Collection' email.

At the Walton & Law Libraries you will need to ask at the Main Desk to collect your hold.

At the Philip Robinson Library you collect your Hold request from the Hold Awaiting Collection Shelves at the back of the Student Texts Collection on Level 2.

All of the books are the wrong way round on the shelf and have a slip of paper with your name on. The books are shelved alphabetically according to your family name.

Once you've found your Hold Request, you then need to borrow it from the Self Issue machine in the Student Texts Collection.

***Remember to print out a receipt so you know when to return your books.  Long loan books are issued for a 4 week period however if a book has been requested by a lot of people then the loan period gets reduced to 1 week.***