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Images: Using images

A guide highlighting key resources for finding images of all genres and subject areas, together with information about using images.

New guidance on images and the internet


The Intellectual Property Office has recently issued this useful copyright guidance: Digital images, photographs and the internet. It is aimed at people using images found online, or uploading images to the internet.

Other guidance on using images

Robert Adamson and Jos. Johnson (LOC)Just because an image is available for download on the web, it doesn't necessarily mean you can use it. Use the resources below to help ensure you don't breach copyright in your use of images.

NB All the images used on this guide are from Flickr: The Commons, and contain no known copyright restrictions.

What does copyright law recognise as art?

One of a series of practical videos for artists from Artquest.

You thought we wouldn't notice....

[Woman using microscope, St. Luke's Hospital, U.S. Industrial Alcohol Company]

Plagiarism doesn't only happen with the written word. This interesting blog records examples where people feel a creative work has strong similarities to another....

What can you do with image collections?