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Science, Agriculture and Engineering Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme: Workshop 1: Resources for research

Materials to support the SAgE Postgraduate Researcher Development Library workshop Programme

Workshop overview

Newcastle University Library subscribes to a wide range of information resources to support your research. AFter this workshop, you will know :

 how to find specialised library resources for your subject (including books, e-books, journals, theses)

 how to access the library's e-resources from both on and off-campus

 when you can visit and borrow from other university libraries

 how to request research material that's not available at Newcastle University


Activity: Finding theses

Newcastle University PhD Theses

  • Use Library Search to find theses written at Newcastle University
  • Over 1,200 NU available electronically
  • Many still only available in print and can be consulted in the library


UK Theses


International Theses

Activity: Using E-Book Collections

Search electronic book collections such as Knovel, Springer and the RSC collection directly to pinpoint detailed information in individual chapters and sections.

Search these e-book collections to find information on a topic of interest to you.

Individual databases

Library Search is easy to use and is good for getting an overview of the published literature in your subject area

So why would you want to use anything else?

Not all our electronic resources are covered by Library Search, so you may be missing some information if you rely on this alone

Use to find out about all the resources we have for your subject

Activity: Using databases

Compendex and Scopus cover journals and conferences from lots of publishers from around the world. Not all the information in these databases is available in Library Search so it is worth searching these separately.

Search both of these databases to find articles on a topic of interest to you.

You can narrow down your search: for example, by searching in a particular field (title, subject, author etc), limiting by date, etc.

You can broaden your search: for example, by using alternative search terms or truncation (e.g. environment* will find environment, environmental, environmentally, etc)


Use the Comments (below) to tell us:

Which resources did you use?

Which gave you the best results and why?

Which resources will you use for your own research? Which won't you use? Why?