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Current Awareness: Keeping up to date with new information: New publications

Finding out about new Journal articles

Look What's New (printable)

Want to know when new research is published in your subject area? A good way to save time and keep up with new literature is through the use of current awareness alerts. Many resources will let you create alerts to automatically re-run your favourite searches and tell you when new material is available.

You can set up several types of alert

  • Table of Contents services will let you know each time a new issue of your favourite journal is published.

  • Search alerts will tell you when a new article is published which matches your search terms.

  • Citation alerts will tell you when a specific article is cited again in another work.

  • You can find out when new books are added to the library.


ZETOC gives you access to over 28,000 journals, >50 million article citations and conference papers through the British Library’s electronic table of contents.

Use ZETOC to set-up personalised email alerts or RSS feeds to track your favourite journal or to discover the latest articles in your research area.

ZETOC ALERT - receive email alerts when new articles or Tables of Contents are added

ZETOC RSS - subscribe to feeds for Tables of Contents from individual journals

Find out about ZETOC ALERTS at

Watch ZETOC's training videos at


Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be used for creating email alerts. Carry out your search and click on 'Create Alert' to receive an email every time a new result is added.

Journal TOCS

JournalTOCS is a free collection of scholarly journal tables of contents, which will tell you when a new issue of your favourite journal is available. It currently includes over 20,000 journals, including over 4,500 Open Access journals, from over 1200 publishers (such as Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, OUP, CUP, and more).

Citation Alerts

Citation alerts will tell you when a specific article is cited again in another work.

Once you have discovered a key article in your field, a citation alert will let you know when another author cites this article. This enables you to find new articles in your subject area and is also useful once you have papers published and you want to know who is citing your work.

You can set up citation alerts in resources including: