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Library guide for resources in ECLS subjects

New trial: Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection




We have trial access to the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection from EBSCO until Monday 29th February 2016. Access this full-text Collection and please email Julia Robinson with any feedback or queries.

Offering over 500 full-text, peer-reviewed journal titles, this comprehensive resource covers anthropology, emotional and behavioural characteristics, mental processes, observational and experimental methods, psychiatry and psychology. With key titles including 'Educational and Child Psychology', this Collection has particularly strong coverage of child and adolescent psychology and counselling. See the full title list or find out more

New resource on trial: The Telegraph Historical Archive




The Library has The Telegraph Historical Archive 1855-2000 on trial until 29th February 2016. This was once the world's largest selling newspaper, and the archive contains over a million pages of content, including the Sunday edition from its inception in 1961. It offers an insight into domestic and international affairs and culture over almost 150 years.

Please try it out and send us your feedback, thanks!

New resource on trial: Drama Online

The Library has a trial of Drama Online until 18th March 2016. This contains various different collections:

  • the text of over 1,200 international plays, from ancient Greek drama to contemporary works.
  • films of twenty Shakespeare plays performed at the Globe Theatre, plus audio recordings of key performances from Los Angeles Theatre Works.
  • a variety of contextual resources relating to drama theory and practice, including interviews with actors, stage and costume design, and biographical information.

Please explore this resource and send us your feedback, thank you. 

NB If you're on campus, you don't need to log in. If you're off campus, please log in to RAS first of all, and then go the Drama Online page.

New ebook collection on trial: Bloomsbury

The Library has a trial of Bloomsbury's ebook collections until 31st March 2016. This comprises over 4,000 academic ebooks across a wide range of humanities and social sciences subjects, including history, law, archaeology, education, literature, linguistics and cultural studies. The books are included individually on Library Search, or you can access them from the Bloomsbury Collections site.

If you're accessing the books off-campus, please log in to RAS first of all.

Please try it out and send us your feedback

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