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Information for projects: 6. Evaluating

A problem or topic based guide to help you with your academic assignments from start to finish

Evaluation criteria

You can use the criteria above to evaluate any kind of information, but particularly information that you have found on the Internet or in newspaper articles as they can be biased (and sometimes untrustworthy).  

If you are using one of our academic databases to find articles and research papers you might already know that the work is of a good quality.  However, it is always important to question everything that you find to make sure that you know why you used it in your assignment.

Questioning the author's ideas and arguments and writing your own notes as you read will help you when it comes to writing your assignment.

Useful video

Do this

  • Using keywords from your assignment title, do a search using Library Search (our library catalogue).  Select one article or book.
  • Using the same keywords do a search using Google or another Internet search engine.  Select one website or document.
  • Read both resources, then using the criteria shown on this page, identify which source of information is more appropriate for your assignment.

Evaluating checklist

Evaluating checklist image

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