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Mathematics and Statistics: Archives and Special Collections

Library and information resources for Mathematics & Statistics staff and students at Newcastle University

What are Special Collections?

Special Collections are unique and rare resources held by Newcastle University's Robinson's Library.  We hold both archives and rare books.

Due to their rarity and their sometimes fragile condition, these items are not on the normal library shelves, but they are available to everyone in the Special Collections reading room.

What Collections are Available in the Robinson Library?

This guide will point you in the direction of some collections which are particularly relevant to your subject area.

For a wider look at more of our collections, and to see tips on ordering and using archives and rare books, there is also a Special Collections LibGuide ...

Rare Books Outside of the 'Rare Book Collections'

Not all of our rare books are in 'collections' with particular relevance to your subject area, we also have hundreds of rare and unique books which were acquired by the library individually, across a range of subjects, which might also be valuable to your research.

Just a few to get you started ...

We have plenty more ...

All of our rare books are on the library catalogue, so start your search by entering your topic area, author, or title into library search in the normal way.

To view items within the Special Collections department, you can then refine your search by clicking on the Special Collections Location.

Havelock (Thomas) Papers

A small collection of papers of Thomas Henry Havelock (1877-1968), who was at one time Professor of Mathematics in Newcastle University.

Type of Material: Archives

Subject Areas:  Mathematics

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Merz (John Theodore) Collection

The Merz Collection is the mathematical library of John Theodore Merz (1840-1922), an electrical engineer. Merz also had an interest in philosophy, and the collection also includes books amassed by him during the writing of his work The History of European Thought in the Nineteenth Century. These 4000 volumes are strongest in Mathematics and the History of European Thought, but also include notable works on science, European history and German Literature.

Type of Material: Rare Books

Subject Areas:  International History  Mathematics  Philosophy  Engineering

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Wallis (Ruth and Peter) Archive

The Wallis Papers contain research material and correspondence relating to Peter and Ruth Wallis' research on mathematics education and libraries.

Type of Material: Archives

Subject Areas:  Education  Mathematics

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Wallis (Peter) Collection

The Wallis Collection contains books on mathematics and maths education and includes works by Robert Record (the man who introduced the = symbol), such as The grounde of artes: teaching the perfecte worke and practise of arithmetike (1582) and works by and about Isaac Newton, such as Newton's Principia in its first American edition (1846).  The books were formerly owned by Peter Wallis (1918-1992), a lecturer in the School of Education. There are almanacs, works on algebra and geometry, school text books, works on astronomy including J.F.W. Herschel's Astronomy (1835), guides to measuring, book-keeping, ready reckoners, treatises, Euclid's Elements and manuals.

Type of Material: Rare Books

Subject Areas:  Mathematics

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Gibson (George) Archive

Although George Gibson (fl. 1800-1850) was a farm steward to Sir M.W. Ridley, of Blagdon Hall, Northumberland, the Gibson Papers offer a literary archive, with some material which may be considered pertinent to the history of education in Gibson's ciphering book on mathematical problems, solutions and rules. His own poems, reflections, and drawings are prevelent throughout.

Type of Material: Archives

Subject Areas:  History  Literature  Local History  Mathematics

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