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Details of common referencing styles used at Newcastle, and how to use this style to reference a range of source formats.

Referencing with MHRA

by Emily Dott on 2017-02-22T09:30:00+00:00 | Comments

The Modern Humanities Research Association style is used in a number of schools in the HASS Faculty and is a numeric style, where a 

number is used in the text as a flag for a referenced source, rather than an in-text citation such as (Smith, 2017, p.6) which is common in the Harvard at Newcastle style. The footnote/endnote function in Word makes it fairly straightforward to add the subscript number and it is worth checking with your lecturers if they prefer footnotes or endnotes.

MHRA also introduces the use of ibid. (in the same place) in the footnote to denote where a source has been referenced in the footnote above. This will help with your word count, for those of you whose writing is more verbose.

You are able to download the style guide from the  MHRA website, find relevant books from the library and Cite Them Right Online provides guidance or referencing many of the common sources using MHRA. It can be a more accessible source for anyone new to MHRA referencing. The School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics style guide is based on MHRA.  

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