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Children's Literature: Children's Literature: Available in the Robinson Library

An overview of resources for Children's Literature

Library Search.

     Find books, journals and other resources, whether print or electronic, using our catalogue, Library Search

For each item, Library Search will tell you:

  • the Library in which it is held
  • for how long the book can be borrowed
  • the location and shelfmark, which you will need in order to find the book on the shelf
  • the status, which will tell you if a book is out on loan and when it is due back 
  • for an ebook, a link to the book online

Children's Literature Video: take a look and see where the books are in the Robinson Library

Children's Literature in the Robinsion Library: Book Trust

The Book Trust Collection is as complete a collection of recent and contemporary British children's books as exists anywhere. Open access is available to all users, except to the novelty books, which are closed access and available for reference on request. Items cannot be borrowed from this collection.

Robinson Library: Level 1

Book Trust is the largest reading charity in the UK.


Children's Literature in the Robinson Library: Special Collections

Find out more about the materials held in Special Collections and how you can access them.

Children's Literature in the Robinson Library: On the Open Shelves

800s level 4

Children's Literature in the Robinson Library: Special Collections