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Distance Learners: Welcome

University Library Services for distance learners

Distance Services from the Library

If you are a Newcastle University student studying away from Newcastle, the Library offers a range of services to help you access information

Who is eligible for Distance Services?

Newcastle University students on designated distance learning courses (see list on right) and approved field work/ work placements maybe able to use additional services such as postal loans, scanning or Inter Library Loan services. If your course is not on the approved list but you feel you may be eligible, you can fill out a request form below to join the scheme. Services available may vary depending on whether you live within or outside the UK and are dependent on licensing, copyright or other regulations.

Research postgraduates (PhD, MRes) whose course may require them to be at a distance may also apply to use the service. Just fill in the request form here


Any other staff and students:

If you live in the UK but outside the Northumberland, Durham and Teesside area and think you need to use the Distance Access service please complete the application form here. This will be sent to your Liaison Librarian for consideration.

All Newcastle students can access electronic books and journals from off campus.

This guide will help you determine which support and other information is available for your personal circumstances.


Designated Distance Learning Courses

Due to the nature of the courses, students on these programmes who live outside of the local area (Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Teesside) are automatically entitled to use the Distance Learning Service, so do not need to fill in a separate application.

BSc Chemistry with Industrial Training

BSc Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry with Industrial Training


Graduate Certificate in Architectural Practice

MA Employee Relations

MA Urban Design

MA Writing Poetry (London-based)

MBBS Stages 3 and 5 only

MChem Chemistry with Industrial Training

MChem Chemistry with Study Abroad

MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry with Industrial Training

MEng Chemical Engineering (Industry)

MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare

MSc Applied Hydrogeology

MSc Medical Education

MSc Clinical and Health Sciences

MSc Clinical Research

MSc Clinical Science (Medical Physics)

MSc Palliative Care and Oncology

MSc Power Distribution Engineering

MSc Process Automation

MSc Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX) 

MSc Renewable Energy Enterprise and Management (REEM)

MSc Town Planning (to be renamed Msc Urban Planning)

MTEC Marine Technology Education Consortium

PG Certificate in Medical Education

PG Certificate in Clinical Implant Dentistry

PG Certificate in Clinical Research

PG Cert in Educational Leadership

PG Certificate in Power Distribution Engineering

PG Certificate in Renewable Energy Enterprise and Management (REEM)

PG Diploma in Applied Hydrogeology (flexible learning)

PG Diploma in Medical Education

PG Diploma in Clinical Research

PG Diploma in Conscious Sedation

PG Diploma in Flood Risk Management

PG Diploma in Minimally Invasive Surgery

PG Diploma in Power Distribution Engineering

PG Diploma in Process Automation

PG Diploma in Renewable Energy Enterprise and Management (REEM)

All students based in Singapore (NUIS) and Malaysia (NUMED)

Students taking ACC4051 : Contemporary Issues in Business, Accounting and Finance