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History, Classics and Archaeology: Archaeology, Ancient History and Classics

Useful news and help with information resources within and beyond the Library for anyone studying in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University.

New resources for 2017/18

Great news! We've invested in a brilliant range of online resources for the new academic year. Following resource trials and consultation with students and staff, we've added digitised archives, ebooks, and journals.

Whatever your subject area, you're sure to find something useful. Just explore the tabs on this box for full details!

We've bought eleven new ebook collections from Bloomsbury, comprising over 400 academic titles across a wide range of subjects. We've bought the following collections:

Education 2016 and 2017

Family and Social Law

Film and Media Studies 2016

Labour and Discrimination Law

Legal Philosophy

Medical Law and Ethics

Linguistics 2016 and 2017

Philosophy 2016 and 2017

All the books are individually catalogued on Library Search, or you can browse the titles in each collection. You can browse the legal collections here.


L'Anneé philologique is changing

Please note, the Classical Studies bibliography, L'Année philologique, changed suppliers in January 2018, and will be provided by Brepols from now on. 

We have switched our links to the new site. The old site will still be available until September 2018, but we would encourage you to start using the new site as soon as possible, as the old site will no longer be updated or supported.

The new version contains the same content, and has similar search options to the old version. One major enhancement is that you should now be able to link directly to the full text of online journal articles (where we have access to them): look for 'External links' at the bottom of any record you find.

When searching for modern authors, simply type the author's name in the 'author' box. When searching for ancient authors (e.g. Ovid) or ancient texts, type the name in the 'ancient author and text' box. You can then select the correct form of the author or text name from the drop-down list which appears on screen.

Choose advanced search for the full range of search options, and click the question mark symbol next to any search field to get more search tips.

Find journal articles

Assisi. Portico of the Temple of Minerva

Library update autumn 2017

Great North Museum@ Hancock Library

The Great North Museum: Hancock Library is on the second floor of the museum. It houses several collections, including the Cowen Library, which contains around 9,000 books and journals relating to archaeology, ancient history and classics, and the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, which specialises in local history and heritage.

Newcastle University members may borrow from the Cowen Library. Both collections are catalogued on Library Search.

Other archaeology and classics information resources

Latin bible, f.325r, (280 x 208 mm), 13th century, Alexander Turnbull Library, MSR-16.

Photographer Mattis Mathiesen at work on Jan Mayen

[Interior of Coliseum, Rome, Italy] (LOC)


Selection of new books in the library

Click the tabs to browse a selection of our new books. To view all our new books in your subject area, just carry out your search as usual, and then limit by most recent records (look for the 'new records' option on the left hand side of your results page:)


Keep up to date with social media

As well as 'traditional' academic resources, social media is, increasingly, an excellent way of keeping up to date with your subject area. You really can't afford to ignore it! Not convinced? Check out our selection of social media links for History or Archaeology/Classics.

If you've got any recommendations you think we should add, just let us know. 

Shefton Collection

This collection was built up by Emeritus Professor Brian Shefton, who died in 2012, and who was an expert on Greek and Etruscan archaeology. It is shelved in its own section on level four of the Robinson Library, starting with the number 913.38. It contains over 2,500 books, and new additions are made regularly. There is also a separate Shefton Collection of artefacts in the Great North Museum: Hancock.

Access to resources elsewhere

How can you search other catalogues? How can you find out what archives and special collections are held elsewhere, from York to New York and all points in between? Click on the tabs for guidance to help you track down what you require: locally, nationally and internationally. 

You might also find it helpful to use our two services below: