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Law: EndNote

Library and information resources for staff and students in Newcastle Law School

About EndNote

 What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic database software package designed to make your academic life a little bit easier by allowing you to build a collection of references for your research. It can help you organise your lists of references and create bibliographies. It allows you to :

  • Find and import references downloaded from library catalogues and databases direct into your own personal EndNote Library
  • Store, organise and search for references in your EndNote Library
  • Add correct citations to your word-processed document and create your bibliography in a number of citation styles

 OSCOLA and EndNote

  • If you use the Desktop version of EndNote on a Newcastle University pc, or via RAS, you will be using the OSCOLA_4th_edn style in EndNote. To use this style effectively you need to use the accompanying style guide. This can be found in the back of the printed guide called: EndNote X7 & OSCOLA 4th for Newcastle Law School.
  • The OSCOLA_4th_edn style in EndNote does require some manual inputting and amending of references to ensure that footnotes and bibliographies comply with the published guidelines for the OSCOLA referencing style.
  • If you have EndNote installed on your own pc (e.g. you have bought your own copy of EndNote) you can download OSCOLA 2 4th style which has customised reference types, allowing for more precision and flexibility than the OSCOLA 4th style.


Managing References

Inserting footnotes in Word using the Cite While You Write feature in EndNote

Referring to the same item a second (or more) times in your footnotes

Using OSCOLA with EndNote

Learn how to use EndNote with OSCOLA using our step-by-step reference guide.  

Printed copies of this guide are available in the Philip Robinson Library and the Law Library.

For more information on EndNote and OSCOLA please go to the EndNote tab.

Downloading from Westlaw into EndNote

It is now possible to download journal articles from Westlaw into EndNote.  Read the useful guide by Sandy Meredith from Oxford University for more information.

Abbreviated Journal titles

OSCOLA allows use of either the full journal name or the journal abbreviation. If you have been told to use abbreviations, use the Cardiff Index to find standard abbreviations. Then you need to amend the journal field in your EndNote Library.

Alternatively, you can import a journals Terms List (list of standard abbreviations for journal titles) for use within your EndNote library.