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Law: Journal Articles

Library and information resources for staff and students in Newcastle Law School

Finding Journal articles

We subscribe to a variety of database and electronic journal collections so you can locate high quality academic journal articles.

Click on the journal articles tab to find key databases for your subject or click on the resources in the column to the right.

A full list of resources for Law

Using full-text electronic journals collections

Electronic Journals give the full-text of journal articles online, so are handy for a quick search. They are easy to use and deliver instant information. The main legal databases are listed on the Legal Databases tab. 

Examples of other full-text journals collections which maybe useful for Law include:

Research Reserve

Research Tips for Locating Legal Journals and Articles on Library Search

Are you looking for a journal article listed on a handout or reading list? Have you found the perfect journal article indexed on Westlaw or LexisLibrary but not the full-text?
Library Search gives information on the journals and e-journals the University Library has subscribed to:


For example: You need to locate an article published in the MLR:

Richard Mullender, 'Negligence, Public Bodies and Ruthlessness' (2009) 71 MLR 961

What does MLR stand for? Use the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations to find out the full title of the journal.

Search for the 'Modern Law Review' (i.e. the journal title) on Library Search.

The result will show the availability of the hard copy journal in the University Library and where it is shelved.
If you prefer to use the online version, the Online access link will show the availability and services offering access to the title.

Law Journals highlights using BrowZine

BrowZine - a new journal widget to try!

Using general bibliographic databases to find journal articles

Bibliographic databases give you a global overview of the literature in a subject area. They provide an index to journal articles and conference papers from a wide range of publishers – many databases provide an abstract of a paper but not the full-text. However, you can use the Find@NewcastleUniversity button to link seamlessly into our subscriptions if we have the journal available from another platform.

Examples include: