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Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences: Home

A guide to information and resources from the Walton Library for Medical, Dental and Biomedicine staff and students

Welcome to the Walton Library



The Walton Library welcomes you for the current academic year.

We support all courses and research in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
This covers medicine, biomedical sciences, dental sciences and psychology.

If you have any questions about the services we offer,
please get in touch using the contact details in the Need Help box on this page.

Got some spare time?

Courses are intensive and busy but why not take time out to broaden your thinking by taking out a book from our Medicine in Literature Collection.

Mobile Apps and Resources

Information on Mobile Apps and Resources is here!

Library Search

Library Search enables you to explore our high quality resources, such as books and DVDs from the library catalogue, as well as journal articles from many of our databases.

"Sounds good! So why should I still bother searching specialist databases such as ERIC, Historical Abstracts or Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts, if Library Search can find everything?"

You're likely to benefit from more advanced search options, and get more precise search results, if you use specialist databases. For example, you'll often get more sophisticated options for narrowing down your search, setting up alerts and choosing search terms using a built-in thesaurus.

Specialist databases usually just focus on particular subject areas (e.g. music, film studies, linguistics), whereas Library Search covers all topics. Therefore, searching specialist databases should give you more focused and relevant results.

Library Search doesn't index everything. In particular, specialist materials such as historic newspapers and archives aren't covered. Not sure what's included in Library Search? Full list here.



So.... Library Search is great for finding books, DVDs and certain other resources, and is a helpful starting point for a wider search of journal articles. However, for a more precise and relevant search, please explore our specialist subject databases as well.


Recommend a book!

Not able to get a copy of the book you need?

Place a hold - we monitor them and will buy more copies if there is high demand


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Medicine at Newcastle - clinical learning and teaching

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Medicine at Newcastle - School of Dental Sciences

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Browsing the shelves

This is a short list of the shelfmarks for books in Walton Library. There are more comprehensive lists on the end of each bay of books in the Library itself.

We have a collection of long loan books available for 4 week loan, a Student Texts Collection of mainly reading list titles available for 4 hour loan, and a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Collection available for 4 week loan.

570 Life Sciences

610 Medicine

611 Anatomy

612 Physiology

613 Health Promotion

614 Public Health

615 Pharmacology and Therapeutics

616 Clinical Medicine

617 Surgery

618 Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Our Medliaison team

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Medical Library Liaison Team

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