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Science, Agriculture and Engineering Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme: Welcome

Materials to support the SAgE Postgraduate Researcher Development Library workshop Programme

Programme overview

Interacting with information is at the very heart of your research but you may place different emphasis on it at different stages of your research career.

The Library facilitates research at all stages, aiming to help you to become an "informed researcher".

Individual library support for your research

In addition to our workshop programme, we also provide individual consultations for all research students.

As you begin your PhD, we know that there are many pressures on your time. Please try to make time to contact your Liaison Librarian as you begin your PhD to discuss your research topic.

This helps us provide effective support for your research from the outset. You will meet the members of the SAgE Library Liaison team throughout the programme.

Our programme

Our programme for SAgE PhD students consists of a range of workshops. You may choose to attend some sessions as you embark upon your PhD, others may be more relevant as you start writing up.

Most sessions consist of a presentation followed by a practical workshop where you can ask questions and try out our resources for yourself.

Resources for research
EndNote for beginners
Advanced EndNote
Unlocking your research (1): Pre-publication - where to publish for maximum impact
Unlocking your research (2): Post-publication - finding out whether your publications are making an impact
Keeping up-to-date: current awareness services for researchers

Search strategy and research diary

Your Library Liaison team

Moira Bent

Agriculture Food & Rural Development, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Marine Science & Technology

Jenny Campbell

Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials, Civil Engineering & Geosciences, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics and Mechanical & Systems Engineering

Karen Crinnion

Assistant Librarian supporting researchers across all Schools in SAgE

Yvonne Davison, Susan Millican, Christina Taylor

Senior Library Assistants

Contact the SAgE Library Liaison team at