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Information for projects: 1. Get started

A problem or topic based guide to help you with your academic assignments from start to finish

Using this guide

The aim of this guide is to help you with your assignment, from start to finish.  These are the steps you should follow:

  • Define your assignment title
  • Identifying keywords
  • Where to look for information
  • The best way to search
  • Evaluating what you've found
  • Referencing your work
  • Writing up

How to use the guide

You can easily dip in and out of this guide depending on where you are with your assignment.  But we think you will get the best out of it if you start and work through each of the steps by clicking on the blue tabs at the top of the page.  
The tab will be highlighted in red when you select it so you know where you are.

Each page has an assignment checklist to remind you of what you should be working on at each stage.

Finding information

Getting started with an assignment  or project can be difficult as well as exciting.
Often it can feel like there is too much or too little information out there and you do not know where or how to begin.

We recommend you plan out how and where you will look for information. This will save you time and help you focus your efforts on finding the best and most appropriate information for your work.  

Following the 8 steps in this guide will help you to find good quality information.

Let us know what you think of each page!

We would like you to tell us how useful each of the pages on this guide are.  So we've included a voting poll on each of the 8 steps pages so you can let us know.

Select very good, good or not so good and click on 'submit'.  

You can also send us an email by clicking on the 'email me' link under 'Get help and feedback'.

Assignment check list

My assignment checklist