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Information for projects: Library activities 2017

A problem or topic based guide to help you with your academic assignments from start to finish

This afternoon - what we would like you to do

After you've set up your new EndNote and EndNote online library (activity 1), work your way through activities 2-5.  Each activity will involve reading a handout,  watching a video, searching for literature and planning your research.

You will be the first students to see our new library videos (the ones on the right of the page numbered 1.1 and so on).  So we would like your feedback!  Please rate each video in terms of whether you think it's interesting, informative and will be useful to help you find resources for your projects.
Also, tell us what you think as we walk around the PC cluster!

If you've got any questions please just ask.

Thank you!

Task 1. Set up your EndNote online account

  • Do this first! Follow 'Task 1' on the handout that you've been given (there's also an electronic version below), follow the instructions to set up your EndNote account.

In order to use Harvard at Newcastle style in EndNote online when you return home, we suggest you select the style while you are on campus in EndNote desktop.  We have provided you with the instructions in the file below.  Then when you return home you will be able to favourite this style in EndNote online (see instructions below).

  • In your EndNote desktop library, find and choose the Harvard at Newcastle style (see handout below).
  • In your EndNote online library, find and 'favourite' Harvard at Newcastle style.
    • Open your EndNote Online library and click on Format > Bibliography.
    • To the right of Bibliographic Style click on Select Favourites.
    • Select Harvard at Newcastle (or whichever style you are using) in the long list on the left and click on Copy to Favourites.

Task 2. Finding information for your project - do you know where to look?

  • Watch these videos 1.1 Knowing where to look. and 1.2. Types of information.
  • Choose an essay question from one of the below questions or one of your own choice
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of smart grid technology to consumers
    • Discuss the benefits of a wholegrain wheat diet on human health
    • Discuss the impact of carbon emission reduction technologies in the shipping industry
    • Discuss the role and impact of clean technology in China’s coal chemical industry
    • Discuss the role of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry
  • Using the handout provided called 'Task 2: Essay question and knowing where to look' , write down your chosen essay question, along with the type of information sources you are most likely to use for this essay. 

Task 3. Performing a search

Part 1: Identifying keywords

  • Watch the video on the right of this page 1.3.Performing a search
  • Identify and write down keywords and synonyms (different words with same / related meanings) for your chosen essay topic on the handout provided (handout is called "Task 3: performing a search")

Part 2: Using Library Search

  • Next watch the video below about Using Library Search.
  • Click on library search on our Library website
  • Click on the link to the 'New look Library Search' at the top of the page.
  • Start by searching 'Everything except articles' using the keywords and synonyms you've identified on your mind map.
  • Broaden your search by searching 'Everything' to include a range of different types of resources.
  • Narrow down your results if necessary using the left hand menu.
  • Select a few sources from your list of results in Library Search and 'pin them' to your favourites.

Part 3: Adding book and eBook references to EndNote online.

  • Read the handout below (exporting book and ebook references)
  • Select a book or books from your list of favourites in Library Search and add it to your EndNote online library.

Task 4. Evaluate what you've found

  • Watch the video Six Questions which tells you about you can evaluate your sources - in other words whether you've found some good stuff for your project or assignment!
  • Go to Task 4 in your workbook. Pick three of the resources you have found and pinned on library search and write them in the grid provided. Fill in the rest of the grid, evaluating each of the sources you have picked by using the following questions:
    • Who?
    • What?
    • When?
    • Where?
    • How?
    • Why?

Task 5. Referencing and using EndNote

  • Watch the video below about Using Cite While You Write in EndNote online.
  • Open and read the handout below (Adding citations and references to Word..)
  • Now open Microsoft Word, with your EndNote online library open in your browser, start adding citations to your Word document using the references that you have downloaded from Library Search.
  • Check that you have selected Harvard at Newcastle style in Word. (or IEEE style if you are an electrical engineering student).

Task 2 Videos - Knowing where to look & Types of information

Rate 'Knowing where to look' video
* * * * Excellent: 177 votes (59%)
* * * Very good: 101 votes (33.67%)
* * OK: 17 votes (5.67%)
* Not so good: 5 votes (1.67%)
Total Votes: 300
Rate 'Types of information' video
* * * * Excellent: 111 votes (42.53%)
* * * Very good: 101 votes (38.7%)
* * OK: 19 votes (7.28%)
* Not so good: 30 votes (11.49%)
Total Votes: 261

Task 3 Video - Performing a search

Rate 'Performing a search' video
* * * * Excellent: 99 votes (55%)
* * * Very good: 65 votes (36.11%)
* * OK: 13 votes (7.22%)
* Not so good: 3 votes (1.67%)
Total Votes: 180

Task 4 Video - Six questions

Rate 'Six Questions' video
* * * * Excellent: 68 votes (41.72%)
* * * Very good: 42 votes (25.77%)
* * OK: 15 votes (9.2%)
* Not so good: 38 votes (23.31%)
Total Votes: 163