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Library Language - what does it mean?: H-J

A guide to terms, jargon and vocabulary you may encounter using the University Library services and resources




A list of the contents of an archive or manuscript collection. Sometimes called a finding aid. The Library's archive and manuscript collections are held in Special Collections on Level 1 of the Robinson Library. Finding aids and handlists are available in paper form in the Special Collections Reading Room or on the Special Collections web pages.
See also: Finding Aid. Archives. Manuscripts.

A statement of the number of copies of a book or journal owned by the Library.


Inter-Library loans. A service by which the Library will try to acquire a book or journal which you need but which we do not have. Located at the Main Counter on Level 2 of the Robinson Library.

Information about a book's publisher, place of publication and date of publication, usually found at the bottom of the title-page.

An alphabetical listing of subjects and names in a book, showing the page numbers on which a particular subject or name can be found.

International Student
A student who has come to Newcastle from another country.

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique number given to every published book. It has 10 or 13 digits. An ISBN is useful if you want to order a specific book from a bookseller, or find it in the Library catalogue.

Information Systems and Services. The University's central computing service which provides most of the computer services used by staff and students. ISS is responsible for the large PC Cluster on Level 2 of the Robinson Library.

International Standard Serial Number. A unique number given to every published journal. It has 8 digits. An ISSN is useful if you want to distinguish between different journals that may have the same name.

A publication issued in separate parts over a period of time and often containing articles on primary and current research. Another word for a Journal is a Periodical.