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Your subject-specific guide to using library resources.

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Library Language - what does it mean?: P-Q

A guide to terms, jargon and vocabulary you may encounter using the University Library services and resources



A personal computer that you would typically find on a desktop.

PC Cluster
One of the areas in the Library where there are computers provided for use by students.

See: Journal

Using the words or ideas of other people and saying they are your own.

Print Services
A service which offers digital printing and document scanning and can produce documents, fliers, booklets and posters. There is also a binding service for theses and dissertations. There is a charge for these services. Print Services is on Level 1 of the Robinson Library.



Used to describe a large item which is too large to fit on the ordinary shelves and can be found in the Oversize section of the Library.
See: Oversize.