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Titanic Centenary

A guide to resources about the Titanic disaster.

Titanic timeline



31 March 1909 The keel of the Titanic is laid and construction begins.
31 March 1912 The fitting of the Titanic is completed.
2 April 1912 Sea trials begin.
10 April 1912 The Titanic departs from Southhampton to New York on its maiden voyage.
10 April 1912   The Titanic arrives at Cherbourg, France.
11 April 1912 The Titanic reaches Queenstown, Ireland
12-13 April 1912 The Titanic sails through calm waters
14 April 1912 Several iceberg warnings are received throughout the day
14 April 1912 11.40 pm

Lookout Frederick Fleet spots an iceberg dead ahead. Titanic strikes the iceberg

15 April 1912 12.15 am The Titanic begins to take in water. Distress call is picked up by the Carpathia.
!5 April 1912 12.25 am

The lifeboats are filled with women and children first.

15 April 1912 12.45 am The first lifeboat is lowered away.
15 April 1912 2.05 am The last lifeboat leaves. Over 1500 people are still aboard the ship.
15 April 1912 2.10 am The last radio message is sent.
15 April 1912 2.20 am  The Titanic sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.
15 April 1912 4.10 am The first lifeboat is picked up by the Carpathia
15 April 1912 8.50 am The Carpathia leaves the area bound for New York. 705 survivors are on board.
18 April 1912 9.00 am The Carpathia arrives in New York