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Titanic Centenary

A guide to resources about the Titanic disaster.

The Lessons of the Titanic Disaster

Engineering Volume 93 Jan-June 1912

April 26th   p 566-67

Robinson :  Journals Level 1 :  PER 620 ENG

Image from The Shipbuilder Vol V Winter Number 1911 No 19, Notice of production of A Special “Olympic” and “Titanic” Souvenir Number of the Shipbuilder.

BYTE March 1986 Vol 11 No 3 P 96-110 Finding The Titanic  by Martin Spalding and Ben Dawson Research Reserve :  Historical Computing Collection :  C552-55

The Engineer Volume 111 Jan-June 1911  Robinson :  Journals Level 1 :  PER 620 ENG

Supplement to The Engineer Mar 3 1911 Robinson :  Journals Level 1 :  PER 620 ENG

The Engineer June 2 1911 P 567 Robinson :  Journals Level 1 :  PER 620 ENG

Engineering Volume 93 Jan-June 1912, June 14th p 802 – p806, The “Titanic Inquiry” , Robinson :  Journals Level 1 :  PER 620 ENG

The Engineer Volume 110 Jul-Dec 1910, Supplement to The Engineer Oct 21  Robinson :  Journals Level 1 :  PER 620 ENG






A selection of the items on display were on loan from The Marine Technology Special Collection. The collection includes items related to the Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic from T.W.Ward of Sheffield. Other principal documents in the collection include ship registers, rules and regulations and company records.

The Shipbuilder Vol VII 1912

 Vol VII Summer Number 1912 No 25 P 4-7

 The “Titanic” Disaster and the Safety of Ships at Sea

 Vol VII October Number 1912 No 26 P 87-96

 The Safety of Life at Sea

 Research Reserve :  PER 623 SHI


The Shipbuilder Vol VI 1911-1912

Vol VI Summer Number 1911 No 21

Vol VI Midsummer 1911 Special Number

Vol VI Spring Number 1912 No 24

Research Reserve :  PER 623 SHI


This volume was loan to the Titanic Centenary Exhibtion from the Marine Technology Special Collection by kind permission of Dr Ian Buxton.

The Marine Engineer and Naval Architect Volume XXXIV 1911-12

May 1912

P 373

Letter to the editor Palinurus London E.C. 22 April 1912

The “Titanic” Disaster

P 376-383

The loss of the “Titanic” including obituary of Thos. Andrews, Jun and Captain Smith and several  engineers.

June 1912


Memorial to the Titanic Engineering Staff – contributions received to date. Plus further photo’s and and notes of the careers of the rest of the members of the engine- room staff all of who lost their lives in the disaster.

July 1912


The Senate report on the “Titanic” Disaster

P463 Letters to the editor

P463 The “Titanic” Disaster published again photos and details of  Thos. Andrews, Jun and Captain Smith and those engineers that were in the May issue.