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Sustainability Resource Guide: Governance and Politics

Information about sustainability resources, events and activities at Newcastle University: a collaborative guide from NIReS and the University Library


Environmental politics focuses on three main areas:

  • The study of political ideas and theories related to the environment.
  • The stances of political parties on environmental issues.
  • Policy making at a national and international level.

In a collection of blog posts, the Executive Director of the Earth Institute, Steven Cohen, considers the politics of sustainability.

Rasin, B (2011). De-Regulation Creates Jobs, Available at:


Eco-capitalism is the view that capital exists in nature as "natural capital" (ecosystems that have ecological yield) on which all wealth depends, and therefore, market-based government policy instruments (such as cap and trade systems) should be used to resolve environmental problems.

Eco-Socialism is the view that the expansion of the capitalist system is the main driver of environmental degradation through globalisation and imperialism, they focus on collective ownership and restoring the commons.

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Conferences, agreements and protocols

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UK Political Parties

The New Scientist claims UK parties offer little on climate and renewables.

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