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Your guide to finding maps and mapping data
What is Digimap?

Digimap is an online mapping and data service that provides online access to the most up-to-date maps from Ordnance Survey. We have the full EDINA Digimap suite of products including OS, Historic, Geology, Marine, Environment, Aerial (including Aerial Extra)Lidar, Global, Society, Pilot, Verisk, National Tree Map and agCensus. 

Digimap allows you to annotate maps, and also provides raw data download facilities for use in CAD, GIS or other systems to create visual representations of your research or illustrate plans. There is a wealth of information and guidance on the use of Digimap with other software on the EDINA Digimap Resource Centre (available after log in) and on their YouTube channel.

Digimap also offers up to date land maps from the Geological Survey and Oceanwise for marine maps, as well as historic maps from different time periods.

The Ordnance Survey collection contains a number of datasets ranging from small scale base maps, such as MiniScale®, to detailed large scale mapping including OS MasterMap®, which is the most detailed large scale vector dataset available from Ordnance Survey. Complete coverage of Great Britain is available for all the products in the collection and all products are updated throughout the year, as and when updates are received from Ordnance Survey.

Accessing Digimap

You are able to access all of the Digimap collections we subscribe to via Library Search. This link will give you direct access to the full EDINA Digimap suite of products including OS, Historic, Geology, Marine, Environment, Aerial, Lidar, Global, Society, Pilot, Verisk and agCensus.

Learn to use Digimap Roam

Once you are logged into Digimap, you will find excellent step-by-step instructions, FAQs and help videos. The Digimap YouTube channel is also a brilliant resource. It includes a mixture of webinars and introductory videos, which include resource overviews and how-to guides, such as using Digimap data in CAD.