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Nutrition and Dietetics

Your subject-specific guide to library resources

You’ll find the books you need to read for your programme in your module reading lists on Canvas. For independent research, use an ‘everything except articles’ search on Library Search or browse our e-book collections.

Library Search

Library Search is our library catalogue; a powerful search engine that holds records for all the physical and electronic items that you have access to here at Newcastle University.

You can use Library Search to find a specific title or works by a particular author, or you can browse information available by topic. It’s an excellent place to start your independent research as it covers all subject areas.

Find out more about Library Search and how to search the catalogue effectively on the Library Search page of the Academic Skills Kit.

E-book Collections

Library Search enables you to search across all print and e-book collections. However, if you want to search / browse e-books from a particular supplier or collection, you’ll find links to subject specific e-book collections below:

Support and services

Explore further tools, guides and support from the Library.