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Create, Curate, Captivate - a reading list toolkit

Logo for toolkit with words create, curate and captivate

We recommend you review your list on an annual basis to allow for the inclusion of new material and to review students' suggestions. You may also need to check that you have the most recent edition of textbooks and core titles on the list. You might also want to look at some of the data available within the reading list system and remove items where engagement has been low, or add annotations to encourage students to read it.

Find out the level of student engagement with your reading list

When you publish a reading list, the system monitors how many clicks each item gets, so you can get a picture of student engagement levels.

To do this:

  • access your reading list via the link in Canvas
  • click on the graph icon (this is the 'View lists analysis' button)

Image of view lists analysis button

This will open the 'Lists analysis mode' to view the usage of each citation (see below). 
You can open the list in a new tab to give you a better view, by clicking on the 'open in a new tab' button at the top right of the page.

Image of lists analysis mode

The image above indicates an example of a book that has low usage (i.e. the number of students who actively engaged with this item by clicking on the link.)  Each column in the usage analysis gives different information: click on the question mark next to the column header to find out more.

For more information about analysing usage of your list, please watch the short video below produced by the providers of Leganto (the reading lists system).  There's also a PDF summary of how you can monitor usage of your reading list.

Did you know?

In our reading lists system, students can now:

  • share comments, questions and feedback, by annotating course materials
  • annotate PDFs assigned by the instructor
  • communicate ideas with classmates
  • add private notes

Module leaders can now:

  • embed links within Canvas to individual titles on their reading lists

Module leaders will soon be able to:

  • embed citations within pages and modules in Canvas (see our 'how to' video below)

If you would like more information, please contact the reading lists team.