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Your subject-specific guide to using library resources.

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Biology and Zoology

Your subject-specific guide to library resources.

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We have thousands of journals and databases selected by your Schools to support teaching and research. There are so many, that it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to use, so we have grouped them together for you! Use the 'everything' search in Library Search to find articles, conference papers, journals and more, or Browzine to browse the e-journal titles in your subject.
CAB Abstracts Hot Topics
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Alternatives to antibiotics in livestock
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Climate change and spread of invasive species
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Insects for sustainable food and feed
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Benefits of the human-animal bond
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: The Bioeconomy
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Mycotoxins in animal feed
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Climate change and crop yield
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: New emerging pests and how to control them
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Plant genetic resources
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Soil health and sustainability
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Unmanned aerial vehicles for precision agriculture
CAB Abstracts Hot Topic: Community-based governance
Key Databases and eJournal Collections

Bibliographic databases give you an overview of the literature in a subject area. They provide an index to journal articles and conference papers from a wide range of publishers. Many of these databases provide an abstract of a paper, but NOT ALWAYS the full text. Key databases for Biology and Zoology include:

eJournal collections, whilst not as comprehensive as databases, will normally give you subject focused results and often include the full text. Key Biology and Zoology eJournal collections include:

Google Scholar Search

Try Google Scholar for finding scholarly literature on the internet. Google Scholar is particularly good at finding Open Access (freely accessible) scholarly information but a great deal of important literature is still only available through the databases and electronic journals to which the Library subscribes. You should, therefore, use Google Scholar in addition to (and not instead of) our databases and electronic journals.


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