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Turing Centenary

A selection of resources about Alan Turing can be found in the Philip Robinson Library.

Finding information

Alan Turing's research covered a wide range of disciplines and you will find further information in many of our online resources, such as:

Contemporary newspaper coverage

  • Darwin, C. G. (1946) 'The "Electronic Brain"', The Times, 13th November, p.7. Times Digital Archive [Online].
  • Hartree, D. R. (1946) 'The "Electronic Brain": a Misleading Term', The Times, 7th November, p.5. Times Digital Archive [Online].
  • The Manchester Guardian (1946) 'A New Electronic "Brain": Britain Goes One Better', 7th November, p.8. ProQuest Historical Newspapers [Online].
  • The Manchester Guardian (1950) 'A New Electronic Calculator: Month's Work in a Minute', 30th November, p.3. ProQuest Historical Newspapers [Online].
  • The Times (1946) 'An Automatic Computing Engine', 8th November, p.2. Times Digital Archive [Online].
  • The Times (1949) 'Scientific Aids to Industry', 27th May, p.2. Times Digital Archive [Online].
  • The Times (1950) 'Month's Work in a Minute', 30th November, p.3. Times Digital Archive [Online].

Explore our newspaper archives to find these and many other contemporary newspaper articles and letters of interest.

BBC centenary year news coverage

For an insight into Alan Turing's life and works, along with highlights of BBC programmes shown during Turing's centenary year see:

For further information about code breaking during World War II see:

Latest newspaper coverage

The Guardian features articles, commentaries and blog posts on Turing's life, works and legacy.