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What are Case Studies?

Case Studies are popular for the Business School as they allow students to analyse information and issues which feature companies or scenarios. 

These can be a real life example or a fictional scenario to help illustrate a particular point. They help to bring complex theories to life and allow students to learn within a specific context. 

They normally involve problem solving and can result in different viewpoints or approaches being offered. The facts and details are important but as a student you'll need to make a judgement of what you would do. This involves making a decision of what to do, or recommend, what aspect to tackle first and why. What evidence supports your decision.

You'll receive some guidance from academics within the Business School of what you'll need to when using or working with Case Studies, here are some resources we think might be useful

Resources to help

How to analyse a Case Study (taken from Essentials of Management Information Systems by Laudon, K.C. and Laudon, J. P.

Case Studies by Cengage

Case Study Analysis (taken from Strategic Management; concepts and cases by Thompson, A. A. and Strickland, A. J.

Case Study analysis - analysing a case study by ThoughtCo

How to write a good case study by Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Penn State University

Guide to Case Study Analysis by