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Medicine in Literature

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Medicine in Literature - Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities
Graphic Medicine
Ellen Forney - Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me
David B. - Epileptic
Ian Williams - The Bad Doctor
Steve Haines - Anxiety Is Really Strange
Steve Haines - Trauma Is Really Strange
Steve Haines - Pain Is Really Strange
Katie Green - Lighter Than My Shadow
Neurocomic - Matteo Farinella
Ross Mackintosh - Seeds
Nicola Streeten - Billy, Me & You
Sarah Leavitt - Tangles
David Small - Stitches: A Memoir
Daryl Cunningham - Psychiatric Tales
Frederik Peeters - Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story
Marisa Acocella Marchetto - Cancer Vixen
Brian Fies - Mom's Cancer
Harvey Pekar - Our Cancer Year
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Newspaper Articles
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Gloved hands holding a petri dish containing a pink substance
Open mouth showing white teeth
Rows of old glass medical bottles with gold labels on white shelving
Pile of pomegranates, kiwi fruit, blood oranges, oranges and lemons
Image close up of syringes
Image of a black and red Rorschach test
Close up of a person's feet running up some concrete steps in trainers