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Medicine in Literature

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The tradition of doctor-poet goes back as far as Greek mythology. Today, the interdisciplinary link between poetry and medicine continues to be a source of creative expression and is the focus of the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine. Take a look at some of our links below to find out more or read our blog post here 

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Book cover depicting blue walls, partial window and vase of flowers.
Book cover with lime green background, clipboard and stethoscope.
Book cover with orange background, title and author.
Image of an elderly man and woman walking with sticks in opposite directions with a reflection of their younger selves dancing across the backdrop.
Black and white image of girl's face looking pensive.
Black and white graphic image of two people sitting on a rooftop in conversation, surrounded by the outline of other tall buildings.
image of a partial set of brightly coloured teeth.
Sage green book cover with author and title in different shades of green.
Black book cover with title 'Milk and Honey' and author 'Rupi Kaur' in white, with white outline of two bees.
Child like blurred image of a woman collapsing surrounded by buildings.
Book cover with blue background and title 'Please Hear What I'm Not Saying' in orange lettering.
Book cover with purple background. Title 'Every Little Sound' and author 'Ruby Robinson' in lime green.
Cross hatch sketch of building with title 'Stairs and Whispers' imposed on top.
Poetry on Prescription
Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine

Currently on hiatus, the Hippocrates Prize is an international poetry prize exploring the relations between poetry and medicine. 

Medicine in Poetry
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