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Systematic Reviews


Starting with a scoping search is an essential part of the systematic review process to anticipate what sort of results you might get.  Have a look at the search process below and then download and save the 'Scoping Search Plan Example' on the left. Once you feel confident in knowing what you are doing, then download the 'Search Planner Template' and have a go yourself. Please save this in a safe place as you will need to access it again. Don't forget to check out the other relevant links on this page as well.
What does 'scoping' involve?

The Scoping process

Scoping search planner
Follow up links

For an overview of different frameworks, including links to further information. please click here

Additional information on two of the frameworks can be found below: 

  • PICO: Used for intervention health research. A clear, online tutorial can be found here.
  • PESTEL: Used in social science research. More information can be found here

Identifying types of information:

Finding Library databases for your subject:

  • Go to the Subject Guide home page and choose a relevant guide. From there, you can access the 'Journals and Databases', as well as 'Subject Specific Resources' pages.

Identifying other relevant systematic reviews:

  •  A published systematic review should include at least one example of the search strategy used. This is a good way of identifying the search string, subheadings and keywords. To find out if there is a relevant systematic review previously conducted in your area of interest, please use the appropriate links below.