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The laws of the UK are the responsibility of Parliament and the Government through the normal legislative process, and all laws must be approved by the Monarch. Draft law takes the form of a Parliamentary Bill, which then goes through all the necessary stages before the Monarch signifies approval, and the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament.

If you are studying law, legislation may be a key part of your research. However, in other subject areas, your research might require you to look at a piece of legislation which has had an impact on a particular group, individual or field of study. For example: consumer rights in business, the impact of human rights legislation in the UK, or the role of environmental legislation in the EU.

Draft Legislation

This site is useful for details of Parliamentary Bills. Scroll down to A-Z index located in the bottom left of the screen. Then choose the letter B and locate the sections called "Bills before Parliament" and then Bills and Legislation before Parliament. You can also find the progress of Parliamentary Bills from the Sessional Information Digest.


The website is available in 23 official languages of the European Union. Material covered includes: