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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

A guide to highlight useful information resources relating to EDI themes. We hope it will promote awareness and discussion, broaden horizons, and challenge us all.


New Books Recommended by You
Book Cover with bright yellow background. Entitled 'In Their Shoes', text 'Their' is multicoloured.
Book Cover displaying title 'The Good Immigrant' in bold yellow lettering against a black background. Headed by multicoloured tabs displaying the authors of short stories contained in the book.
Book covering displaying title 'Rainbow Milk' and author Paul Mendez in bold typeface. The image in the forground is that of a male black body, naked to the waist, outlined by soft pastel colours.
Book cover with white background and title 'It's Not About The Burqa'. The letters are filled with background images of women wearing burqas.
Book Cover with white background, displaying the title and author in black: 'Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women that White Feminists Forgot' by Mikki Kendall.
Book Cover with black background and title 'How To Be An Antiracist' in red, yellow and green lettering. Author Ibram X. Kendi in white.
Book cover with top half in blue and bottom half in yellow. Title 'People Like Us' in top and author Hashi Mohamed in bottom. A boy dressed in a suit and tie stands in the middle.
Book cover displaying black and white photgraph of a cowd of black men looking up. Title and author in a small whote text box: A Portable Paradise by Roger Robinson.
Book cover with white background. Author and title are displayed in newsaper print, Ta-Nehisi Coates, 'Between the World and Me'.
Book cover with red background. White text boxes dispalying title and author in bold black lettering: 'The Trans-Gender Issue, An Argument for Justice' by Shon Faye.
Reading Lists

Take a look at our reading lists on Leganto:

These lists are not exhaustive or static - we'd like to build them with your contributions, recommendations and comments.

Over time, we will create reading lists for all of the EDI themes on this guide. Reading lists currently in progress: 

  • EDI in Literature / Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Diversifying the Curriculum. 

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute or collaborate. 


NUSU Anti-Racism Reading Recommendations


Here is a selection of books available in the Library, recommended by Newcastle University's Student Union as a starting point to learn about anti-racism.  

If you want to recommend a resource, please get in touch.

book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
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