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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

A guide to highlight useful information resources relating to EDI themes. We hope it will promote awareness and discussion, broaden horizons, and challenge us all.


Discrimination, Harassment and Hate Crime: Policies, Support, Report


If you have experienced discrimination, harassment or hate crime, please do not suffer alone. Reach out to someone with whom you feel comfortable, such as friends, family, colleagues, members of staff. You do not have to experience this alone, and there are services out there to support you. 

Please read on to find services and procedures to help. 

Student and Staff Health & Wellbeing Service


Newcastle University students and staff who have any concerns about racism, harassment or violence can find support through Student and Staff Health & Wellbeing Services.

Click on the image below to be directed to specific student and staff wellbeing support services.

support services

Student Advice Centre


If you are a student, you can approach your NUSU Student Advice Centre (SAC) for support.

Reporting and Survivor Support


Both the University and Student Union have ways of reporting incidents of discrimination, harassment, violence and hate crime. You can use whichever you feel most comfortable with:

Northumbria Police


Northumbria Police have an online form for reporting incidents which specifically asks about threat, force, violence or intimidation which may be related to race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.