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Market Research

Your guide to researching markets, consumers and trends
What is Passport?

Passport (which also goes under thnames Euromonitor International or Global Market Information Database) offers statistics, analysis and reports on global markets, economies and consumers. It will be useful for anyone looking to find information on industries or particular companies, particular countries or regions, economic trends or consumer behaviour.

What does our Passport subscription at Newcastle cover?

We subscribe to research data strands that cover industries, economies, business landscape and finance. Market research data that analysts at Euromonitor have collated including consumer lifestyle reports, future demographics, country profiles, updates on consumer and industry trends, company information, market sizes and economic indicators.
Passport covers more than 200 countries and regions, with a global outlook.

Data sets are provided in a  range of formats, from excel tables to reports and analysis, and are exportable and available in charts and graphs, analysis and visual figures known  as “dashboards” that provide quick access to info about selected markets.

Passport provide some excellent videos that will show you how to build effective searches, understand and manipulate your results lists and generate reports using the dashboards.

For further help we recommend that you go to the Help section when you are logged into Passport for more videos and help guides:

You are also welcome to get in touch directly with our Passport account manager, via