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Market Research

Your guide to researching markets, consumers and trends

Glossary of statistical terms
The platform can be broken down into different elements including:

Statistics : where you can choose your industry e.g. Consumer goods, Retail & Trade.

The Studies and Reports are comprehensive and you can select :

  • Industry & Market reports.  Comprehensive data on markets and industries, including market overviews, revenues, number of employees, as well as the latest information about the state of the industries, trends, and forecasts.

  • Companies & Products reports.  Information on top companies and products in all major industries and regions with detailed company overviews and rankings, including revenue, number of employees, company value, stock price, and major competitors.

  • Consumer & Brand reports.  Overview of what consumer are thinking, featuring survey data on usage, behavior and attitudes, opinions and preferences. Get to know the customers in different countries and industries.

  • Politics & Society reports.  Detailed information about political and social topics of countries and regions, e.g. the economic situation, elections, demographics, religious affiliations, education, and health.

  • Country & Region reports.  Crucial information regarding the status quo and development of countries and regions including key economic indicators like GDP, national finance, demographics and trade figures as well as major industry players.

Insights for market forecast and expert KPIs for 1000+ markets in 190+ countries and territories. You can search by keyword easily or filter by topics including Advertising and Media, Consumer, Digital, Financial, Global Indicators, Health, Industrial, Mobility and Technology. :


Statista is very easy to use and the provider gives some useful search tips and advice. Once you are logged in to the platform, visit the My Account section to find guided tours and a getting started guide.

You can also access a selection of 'how to' video tutorials from Statista here: