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Your subject-specific guide to using library resources.

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Your guide to using Library resources remotely

The Library works with colleagues across the University to provide a range of services to support our researchers throughout the whole research cycle. As a researcher or research student at NewRIIS, you can access tailored support and training opportunities to help you develop as an open researcher. 
Your Research Needs


As a researcher, you have more information at your fingertips than researchers of the past. With access to scholarly literature, research data and research networks online in a way that enables you to connect to researchers across the world while staying ahead of research trends and hot topics. 

The internet has had a huge impact on scholarly communication in the past 15 years. Today, as more researchers publish more articles in more journals, the explosion in academic publishing volume is increasingly hard to quantify. The good or bad news (depending on your perspective) is that there is now a dizzying amount of information for you to explore: it is estimated that more content is now created every 48 hours than in the whole of human history prior to 2003. However, online publishing doesn't mean free publishing, and as you will read below, the open access movement has developed in recent years to address many of the challenges in what had become an expensive and restrictive scholarly communications process.

Increasingly, impact and engagement are of growing importance for researchers. The notion of a secluded academic researcher working alone in his/her ivory tower is long gone: a career in academia now requires a very wide skillset of communication and management skills in addition to 'mere' academic excellence. Interdisciplinarity and internationalisation are also breaking down subject barriers, and presenting many new opportunities. 

The Library Research Services are here to support you with advice, guidance and training to navigate the evolving research environment, including advice on Open Access and Research Data Management, developing your researcher profile, copyright and information management. Get in touch with the Library team and explore our webpages for further information. 

Become an Open Researcher


By ‘open researcher’ we mean an individual with the knowledge and skills to work effectively in an open research environment. They are able to maximise the benefits of open research for their work and the benefits for their careers.

The idea of Open Research focuses on promoting greater openness around the whole research process, including increasing the transparency of research practices, seeking collaborative opportunities and increasing efficiency. This includes:

Find out more on the Vitae webpages. 

The Library can support you in a number of aspects of self development as an Open Researcher, particularly when considering Open Access, Research Data Management and your researcher profile. You can discover more about the advice and training we offer for researchers across the University  on our Research Services webpages

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Book a one to one
PGR Development Programme
Find quality information for your research


Accessing information resources

As a Newcastle University researcher you have access to a broad range of online information resources including eBooks, e-journal and conference papers, technical and materials property information, standards, chemical data and international news, and specialist databases. Your Subject Guide will help you identify the databases and eBook collections available, while the Resource Guides focus on the resources available to help you find specific types of information. 

Planning your search

Your thesis or research projects will be grounded in good quality academic information and although it may be tempting to dive straight in with your searching, having a plan will save you a lot of time and effort. A literature search is a well thought-out and organised search to find key literature on a given topic. 

You will need to:

  • Define what you are searching for: create a search question.
  • Develop a search strategy: how are you going to search? What are your keywords?
  • Decide where to search: what kind of information do you need and where will you find it?
  • Evaluate and refine your search strategy.
  • Record or save your search for future use...and repeat!

This is an iterative process which you will return to and adapt throughout your research journey.

The Library offers advice and individual support for search planning and finding information. Our interactive Search Planner will guide you through the process of breaking down your topic into searchable concepts, identifying keywords and databases, and planning how you will manage the information you find. You will also find advice about more advanced search techniques on the Finding Information Guide

Researcher Development Programme: information skills

The Liaison Team is embedded within the SAgE Faculty Researcher Development Programme, offering three Canvas modules and supplier led workshops to help you develop your information skills and become familiar with specialist information resources for your discipline. 

The Canvas modules are self-directed online modules, that will help you develop systematic searching skills, manage the information you find including referencing, and explore what it means to be an open researcher today. You can find out more about these training opportunities and modules and enrol on the Canvas course via the SAgE Faculty workshop booking system. 

One-to-one support

Arrange a one-to-one consultancy with your Liaison Librarian to discuss your individual needs, and we can offer you bespoke advice on the information resources available to support your research from Newcastle University Library. We offer online appointments using Zoom or Teams, and will work with you to arrange a convenient time. 

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