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Covid-19: Impact and Response

The arts and culture sector includes architecture, archives, libraries and museums, artistic crafts, audio-visual tangible and intangible cultural heritage, design, festivals, music, literature, performing arts, publishing, radio and visual arts. This collection of resources investigates the impact of COVID-19 on the sector as a whole, those working in it and its audiences.

Websites, Reports and Radio

As galleries in London re-open amid a pandemic, this episode looks at what the new normal looks like for the art world

As cultural institutions across the world are faced with deciding if and when to re-open, this episode investigates two extremes: the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, one of the first museums in the US to re-open and London’s Southbank Centre who announced that it’s at risk of closure until April 2021

This episode examines how museums in different parts of the world have been changed by the coronavirus and asks what’s their future

 This episode questions how safe museums are from theft now when they are closed and cities are under lockdown due to the coronavirus

The episode discusses the present and future of the art market.

This episode explores the devastating effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) on art communities, and particularly the wealth of self-employed workers in the art world..

This episode investigates experiences of lockdown, the response of museums and galleries and the effect on the art community in two epicentres of the Covid-19 pandemic thus far: Italy and China.

In this episode Pascale Aebischer talks to Professor Josie Billington (University of Liverpool), Lucy Geddes (Liverpool Philharmonic) and Helen Wilson (The Reader) about the impact that restricted access to arts and culture during Covid-19 has had on mental health. Professor Billington speaks about the work that her AHRC project “COVID-19 CARE: Culture and the Arts, from Restriction to Enhancement: Protecting Mental Health in the Liverpool City Region” is undertaking to understand the relationship between access to culture and mental health in the Liverpool region, with Lucy Geddes and Helen Wilson speaking about their experiences of providing arts to communities within Liverpool during the pandemic.

Realities and Dreams: Culture under Covid, is a series of podcasts examining the impact of Covid-19 on the UK creative economy. 
In each episode a researcher from University of Warwick Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies talks to a creative practitioner about how their work has been affected and about their hopes for the future.

‘Culture Matters’ is a series of panel events looking look at how different creative industries have navigated, and will bounce back from, the lockdown.


The first event explores ‘Galleries’,  the essential spaces that connect artists with audiences, which have been largely closed across the UK since the pandemic began. The State of the Arts enlisted three leading figures working with galleries, museums and exhibitions in the North to feature on the panel…

Alistair Hudson – Director of the Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth.

Courtney Spencer – Director of the Leeds Summer Group Show and former director of Left Bank Leeds.

Nicola Triscott – Director/CEO of FACT Liverpool.


From new ideas on the role of institutions, to the changing behaviours of audiences, to the impact of the pandemic on regional culture, there’s plenty to unpack in this hour long chat.