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NUMed Learning Resources Centre: FAQ

This guide is designed to help you to get started using the NUMed Library

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many books can I borrow at one time?   


  • You are eligible to borrow maximum 10 books at any one time. If you already reached the limit of 10 books and intend to borrow another book, you need to return one/two books from your account.

2. Why the Self-Loan Station shows an error when I want to borrow or renew the book?   


  • This situation happened due to the followings:
    • You may already renewed the book twice
    • The book is on hold and requested by other student.

Please come to LRC counter for further clarification.

1. What is the borrowing period for Long Loan book (White/Yellow/Blue label call number)?


  • The long loan book can be borrowed for 2 weeks only.

2. What is the borrowing period for STC 1 book (Green label call number)?


  • The STC 1 book can be borrowed for one day only.

3. What is the borrowing period for STC 4 book (Red label call number)?


  • The STC 4 book can be borrowed for 4 hours / Overnight loan. For Overnight Loan, the item can ONLY be borrowed on the stated time below: 


Borrowing Time

Returning Time

Monday -Thursday


4.30 PM

9.30 AM (next day)

Friday - Sunday

9.30 AM (next Monday)

1. I have renewed online the same book twice; can I renew the book again for the 3rd time?   


  • No, you can only renewed online the same book twice. If you wish to renew the book for the 3rd time, please email to NUMed Library at to request for renewal OR you may come to LRC counter to request for renewal.
  • However, if the book is requested by other student, you are required to return it by its due date and time.

2. I cannot renew or return the book on time because rushing to go to the hospital or not in campus. How can I avoid to get a library fine charges?   


  • Pleas check your library account details to return the book on time.  It is your responsibility to renew or return the book on time as stated on your library account details.
  • If you are not in campus, these are the options you can do to avoid library fines:

1. How will I know when my book is available after placing a hold request?


  • You will receive an email with subject: "NUMed Library: Your requested book/room has arrived" in order for you to pick up the book at LRC counter.

2. Is there any restriction on placing a hold request?


  • You cannot place a hold request on the following situations:
    • The book is stated as AVAILABLE in LIBCAT's status.
    • The book is AVAILABLE on shelve.
    • The book is stated as damaged/repaired/missing as shown in LIBCAT's status.
    • You have requested 3 books at one time in your library account.

1. How long can I use the study room?


  • The study room can be used for two (2) hours.

2. Can I renew the study room after my two (2) hours expired?


  • Yes, you can renew it for another 2 hours period if there is no request by other student.
  • No, if the room is requested by other student.

3. If all the study room are full, how can I place a hold request of individual or group study room?


  • You can come to LRC counter to place a request. Please bring your smartcard with you.

1. Why I cannot login into database website provided by Newcastle University?


  • It is perhaps because you not login using Institutional or Shibboleth Login option.

2. I login using Shibboleth or Institutional login but why am I cannot retrieve/download a full text article in the database?


3. What should I do if I forgot the password of my library account?


  • Please come to LRC Counter for library staff to reset your password.

1. How to access into UpToDate off campus? 


  • You are required to login for access off campus.
  • Hence, before you can access to UpToDate off campus, you will need to register using NUMed computer network (including NUMed WiFi in campus and NUMed WiFi  at Newcastle Medical Clinic connected into personal devices). 

2. How to use UpToDate on Mobile apps?


  • Download UpToDate from Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store.
  • Make sure you already registered from NUMed computer network (NUMed computer, NUMed Wifi in campus and at Newcastle Medical Clinic as well as NUMed Wifi in HSI Librarv) before you can use the Mobile apps as you need to login with a personal name and password you have created during registration. 

3. What does it mean of re-verification every 180 days? 


  • To maintain your continuous access to UpToDate, including mobile and remote access, you will need to confirm or verify your affiliation with the NUMed network. 
  • You can simply verify your affiliation by login to UpToDate from NUMed computer network (NUMed computer, NUMed Wifi in campus and at Newcastle Medical Clinic as well as NUMed Wifi in HSI Librarv) at least ONCE EVERY 180 DAYS. 

4. What happen if I'm not login to UpToDate from University network after 180 days? 


  • You can no longer access to UpToDate remotely or via mobile apps. 

5. What should I do to have access to UpToDate if I missed the reverification every 180 days? 


  • Visit UpToDate at from NUMed computer network then click the login on the top right and enter your UpToDate user name and password. 
  • If you forget your login credential, click "Forgot Username or Password?" at the bottom left of the login window to reset your password (You will need to enter the email address you had registered for the UpToDate to proceed with the request)

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