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Newcastle University

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Subject support guide

Your subject-specific guide to using library resources.

Library Search

NUMed Learning Resources Centre

This guide is designed to help you to get started using the NUMed Library

LRC's Online Form

During this Covid-19 pandemic,  all LRC (library and IT Clusters) users shall follow the guides set by LRC which include:

  • MUST MAINTAIN with 1 metre physical distancing at all time;
  • MUST WEAR face mask over your nose and mouth at all time; 
  • Please always taking care of your health and well being while in LRC. Group study room and Silent Study Room are non-accessible to library users. The spaces that are open for use in the library are Social Area - Ground Floor; Open Study Space at 1st Floor and 2nd Floor; and Individual Study Room at 1st Floor and 2nd Floor. 

1. Fill in the the Library Space and Computing Facilities' booking form online  one (1) day in advance for booking to be made for Monday - Saturday only. LRC is CLOSED on Sunday inclusive Public Holiday.

2.  To book the library space and computing facilities:

Please fill in this online booking form: 

3. Select the time slot of your preference, usage times are as follows:


Usage Time


  • Library Study Space - Ground Floor
  • Library Study Space - 1st Floor
  • Library Study Space - 2nd Floor
  • Individual Study Room - 1st Floor ***
  • Individual Study Room - 2nd Floor ***

*** Note: For Individual Study Room, only 1 person is allowed to use this room at each time.


2 hours only at any one time

Slot A: 9.00am – 11.00am

Slot B : 11.00am – 1.00pm

Slot C : 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Slot D : 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Slot E : 5.00pm – 7.00pm

Slot F : 7.00pm – 9.00pm



  • IT Cluster & Library Computer Lounge


2 hours only at any one time

Slot A: 9.00am – 11.00am

Slot B : 11.00am – 1.00pm

Slot C : 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Slot D : 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Slot E : 5.00pm – 7.00pm

Slot F : 7.00pm – 9.00pm

4. For bookings made for Monday - Friday, please show the online receipt to LRC Staff at the LRC counter upon arriving at LRC to claim the Entry Pass, sample as below

Guideline of Online Application for Library Equipment

All NUMed student and staff shall follow the guides set by LRC which include:

  • Applicant to fill up the online form as below:

  • Fill in for equipment application to be used on the same date. If the equipment is required for a different date, please submit a new form. 
  • Form must be submitted 5 days in advance. 
  • Upon submitted the complete form, you will receive the acknowledgement receipt via email. 
  • Approved application will be notified within 3 working days via email. 

Library Service

Borrow Book

1. Present your SMART CARD (UNIVERSITY ID card) to borrow items from library

2. You can borrow at self-loan station (Please refer "How to use Self-loan Station") OR LRC counter

3. Your items to be borrowed will be scanned into your account

4. Once transaction completed, make sure to look at DUE DATE SLIP received.


  • You are responsible for all items that you borrow
  • You must NOT pass the book to other students
  • You may NOT borrow books in anyone’s name but your own name

Issues your own books 

Self-service machines are available at the LRC, Ground Floor, allowing you to borrow, renew and return your own items using your Smartcard. 

You will not be able to use the service: 

  • If your Smartcard has expired 
  • If you have a block on your Smartcard
  • If you have overdue fines in excess of RM20.00 
  • To renew books that are required by another library users. 

For more information, please read How to use self-loan station

Email reminder notices

Email Reminders are sent from the library about reservations awaiting collections, and overdue items. These are sent to your university email address only and please always check your university email. 


You can renew your books as long as they are not required/booked by another user.  If an attempt to renew a High Demand loan is unsuccessful because the item is booked by another user, the item must be returned by its' due date and time.

Renewal Preference:  

1. In person at the LRC Counter (with or without the books)

2. Online (two times only) by LOGIN into your LIBRARY ACCOUNT - Please refer "How to Renew Book Online"

In your LIBRARY ACCOUNT, the list of book(s) you have borrowed will be displayed. Please select the book(s) that you want to renew accordingly.

3. Phone +607 555 3851 (Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm)

4. Email to

5. Self-Loan Station (two times only) - Please refer "How to Use Self-loan Station"

Return Book

You may return the books at below location:

1. LRC Counter

2. Book Return Chute (at the LRC main entrance) - Please refer "Guide to Use Book Return Chute"

Book Recommendations  

Online forms are available for students and staff to suggest books for the Library to purchase. 

  • Students can make suggestion using the Student - Books on Time form.
  • The staff as well can make suggestion to the library by using the Staff Book Recommendation form.

Click on below icon to get the Book Recommendation form:

Can't find a book you need for your studies? Use this form to tell us and we will try and buy it for library Recommendation of books for library to support your teaching or research group


Library patron can put a request/hold to a book that currently been borrowed.

The hold request is allow student to book a High Demand book which not in shelve at the moment due to been borrowed by other student. In this situation, the student who borrow the book unable to renew the requested book and are required to return the book on it due date slip and time.

Step to put a hold request:

  1. Navigate into  LIBCAT at
  2. Search the book title
  3. From the list of copies of the book, find the earliest date of the borrowed book is to be available soon (Note: you cannot put a request to book with status "AVAILABLE")
  4. Click "Request" button at the right of preferred date for the selected copy of book.
  5. You will directly ask to login into your library account (Library ID is UXXXXXXXX as stated on below of the barcode of your student card).
  6. Then, proceed the request by select your last needed date (It is advisable to put the date a week longer than current due date of the borrowed book to avoid date expiration - if your selected date expired you lost your right to the requested book as it will fall to the next person in queue).
  7. Click continue to next step of book request
  8. You will be jump into a review page of your request book. Click continue.
  9. A notification pop up upon successful request (An email with subject "Successful Requests" will be sent out to your email as well)
  10. You can check your requested book status in My Account in your Library account > Requests tab
  11. Once the book is available, you will receive an email with subject "NUMed Library: Your requested book/room has arrived". You may come to LRC Counter to collect the book within 3 working days.

Description: The Information Literacy Course is generic information skills for all incoming new FIS students (starting in May & September) and First Year undergraduates of MBBS and BMS (starting in September) which being arranged as part of the curriculum programme.

Objective: The main objectives of IL course are to provide opportunities and resources for all students to develop information literacy and information searching knowledge and skills and to assist in the integration of information literacy into the teaching and learning process.

1. How to use the library - Introduction to LRC 

  • It is an overview of the Library services, information resources and facilities: smartcard is the library card, opening hours, borrowing, renewing and returning of books, self-services etc. Guides on how to read the books' label call numbers and find books on the shelves. Introduction to LIBCAT (the online library catalogue). 
  • Duration: approximately 1 hour (in IT cluster and library)

2. Information Literacy 

  • Learning to use information effectively is a key part of university education.
  • It is a class in teaching students on how to use the medical database, and getting familiarise with using login credential of Newcastle University.
  • In this class, students will learn how to identify relevant information resources; how to search for information; how to formulate a basic information search strategy; how to create a search query; how to use Boolean Operators; how to critically evaluate information sources; how to find out which databases are best for your subject areas and how to search them.
  • This class is an essential class for MBBS Year 1. Teaching library skills and a process by which the students can be guided in their solution of finding information.
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours at IT Cluster with exercises provide detailed instruction how to do search.

3. Introduction to EndNote

  • Newcastle University provides all students with the Reference software which can be used on/off campus to assist student in organising their reference sources easily and systematically  -  No need to type reference lists manually in your MS Word!
  • The EndNote class is to teach students to use EndNote from basic such as to create a new EndNote file, familiarise with EndNote tools and features, learn to export the references from database into EndNote, insert citation into Mircosoft Word, learn to use different reference style and etc.
  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour at IT Cluster with exercises provide detailed instruction how to create the EndNote file.

IT Service

  • There are computers for use at:
  1. IT Cluster 1 : 64 PCs
  2. IT Cluster 2 : 52 PCs
  3. LRC Computer Lounge :12 PCs
  • You may use any of the PCs at the IT Cluster 1 and IT Cluster 2 if there are not being used for teaching.
  • You can use the computers to access the internet, email and other programs available from the common desktop.
  • You can also connect to the wired network with your own laptop and other devices within the LRC and University areas.

***When connecting to the Internet and campus network, you are subject to the University's Conditions of Use

Key rules:

  • Do not download or share copyright material.

  • Do not view inappropriate material.

  • The campus network is not for commercial use. 

IT Tutorials

Online IT induction course is HERE.

Access University IT services away from campus HERE.

The LRC provides printing services which allows:

  • Print and photocopy to A3 and A4 size. 
  • Perform reduction, enlargement and double sided printing.
  • Scan your document. 
Printer Location
  • 2 units at LRC Printer Room
  • 1 unit at the OPAC Station (nearby LRC Counter)
  • 1 unit at LRC, 1st Floor
  • 2 units at IT Cluster 1
  • 2 units at IT Cluster 2

To use the printing service, you will need your Smartcard and credit on your print account

Students can top up credit using the Self Service Top Up Kiosk

Self Service Top Up Kiosk

There are two (2) Self Service Top Up Kiosk which allow you to top up at any time.

The Kiosk are available at this locations:

  • LRC, Ground Floor -  in front of Printer Room
  • IT Cluster 1


  • The Kiosk does not offers change
  • The notes accepted by the Kiosk are Malaysian Ringgits only: RM50, RM20, RM10, RM5, RM1, RM0.50 coin (both old and new), RM0.20 coin (both old and new)

***It is your responsibility to abide by the law of copyright. Details are available in printing services areas' notice boards.

***For further details about Copyright at Newcastle University Library, please read HERE

Cost of Printing & Photocopy

Print & Photocopy 


A4 Black & White    RM0.10 per page  
A4 Color RM0.60 per page
A3 Black & White  RM0.20 per page
A3 Color  RM1.20 per page

***Scanning service is provided to you at NO COST. 

Keep your smartcard safe!

It is important to carry your smartcard with you and keep them safe.

Printing Credit Refund 

If you have problems with regards of unacceptable printout, please lodge an incident ticket through Request IT Support button (clickable from your desktop screen) by providing the following details:

i)  Student Name & username

ii) File Name of the document that you printed out

iii) Which Printer you are using

iv) Date & Time the problem is occurs

v)  Sent the softcopy of the file that they have printed out to

IT staff will investigate the problem and a refund will be given if the incident is valid based on the printer log and safecom log.

***Please take note that REFUND here means refund to your printing account and not in cash term. 

Laptop Loan 

 We have 10 laptops available for loan to NUMed students (for use in the library only).

The laptop can be borrowed on following period:




8.30 AM - 5.30 PM

Laptop Clinic

The laptop clinic provided only to assist to rectify problems related to:

  • General Windows and software errors 
  • Check network connection 
  • Anti-virus advice and removal 
  • Spyware and malware checking and removal 
  • Advice on software removal and re-installation (reformat of Windows not provided)

All students have a personal Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia email account.

It is important to use your assigned University email address.

Access your email on or off campus via this URL:

***Remember to check your University email regularly. It is the only one that the University used for official communications.


Outlook Apps for Mobile Devices, click here: