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Geordie Guide: Deein' a Waalk Aroond Th'Robinson Liebry

Noo tha yoor heor at The Toon University yee might want te knaa a bit more aboot Geordies an stuff

Deein’ A Waalk Aroond Th’ Robinson Liebry

Deein’ A Waalk Aroond Th’ Robinson Liebry

Customer Services Counter

If ye bool up ti the Liebry, ye’ll enter on Livil 2 – ah, knaa, ah, knaa, it meks ne sense te neebody – and ye can start ye toor. If ye new, or yiv forgottin’ yor Smartcard, ye’ll hev to hev a word wi’ the gadgee at th’ coonter. Sum of thim is radgee gadgees, but most of thim iz canny and in nee time at aal ye’ll be stannin’ waitin’ te be shown roond.

Afore ye start – and espeshully if ya clammin’ – ye might waant te have a bit bait or snap in th’ café...

…if not, yor forst point iv caal might be the Customer Sorvices Coonter – there’s lots o' lads an' lasses there, aal wi' smiling faces – aal yor problims can be fixed by these brahma folk.

Ower by the windy thiz boatloads of chebbles and chairs where ye can dee yor work, sum fotocopiaz anaal. Gan th’otha way, past the STC and thiz thoozands of computaz (whey – a canny few).

When yiv dun that, ah’d say yi shud gan ti the fowath floor – yi’ll knaa when ya there coz aal th’ pillas are porple – tek th’ lift (unless ya fit as a lop) else yi’ll be blaain’ if yi try lowpin’ up th’ stairs.


On Floor fowa – three anaal – thiz aal yor text beuks; boatloads of computaz; geet big spaces full iv more chebbles ‘n’ chairz (noo rememba: when yor workin’ on theez flaws te “Whisht! lads, haad yor gobs…”) – coz thiz nen iv yi shootin’ ‘n’ baalin’ on theez flaws.

Thiz loads more anaal – yi aan porsonaal study places; some reet posh ‘uns anaal wi’ bonny windaz; groop roomz for ye an’ aal ya matez; pritty much ivrrythin’ yi’ll need fo’ ya laarnin’.

Finally, check oot Yorspace on Livil 1 – itz a bit like th’ other flaws, but yi can gan a bit more daft wi’ ya shootin’ ‘n; baalin’ (divvent gan too daft, mind) – but itz got loads iv stuff for workin’ wi’ ya mates – geet big tellies; geet big chebbles; geet big chairz ‘n’ beenbags fu when it aal gets a bit much…

…and thatz aboot yer lot – itz a geet canny place…