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EndNote: About EndNote

About EndNote

EndNote is reference management software designed to make your academic life a little easier by allowing you to build a collection of references for your research. It can help take the stress out of referencing properly, helping you organise your lists of references and create bibliographies.

It allows you to :

  • Find and import references downloaded from library catalogues and databases directly into your own personal EndNote library
  • Store, organise and search for references in your EndNote library
  • Add citations to your word-processed document and create your bibliography in a number of citation styles

So why use EndNote?

  • You need to provide accurate references to all the sources you use to avoid plagiarism - EndNote makes this easier!    
  • Using EndNote ensures you cite your references in the correct style for your School or purpose
  • The University supports EndNote, whereas it doesn't support other bibliographic software. Any problems or issues can be directed to the EndNote team.

There are lots of different types of reference management software available on the market and there aren't any definite answers about which piece of bibliographic software is the best one to use (although do check with your supervisor in case they have a particular view point on what you should use).

Choosing which software to use (if any!) is a personal choice and it needs to fit the way you are finding information, collecting references, note taking and much more.

More information, including comparison charts, can be found on our Referencing Guide, under Reference Management Software

 ENX7 On-campus

  • The University supports the latest version of EndNote, currently EndNote X7, which is available on all ISS clusters, via the Remote Application Service (RAS) and on any University-owned machine
  • If you are working with an earlier version on a University PC you can request an upgrade to the latest version through your Computing Officer or ISS
  • Newcastle University has a site licence for EndNote and it can be installed on any University-owned machine free of charge (email
  • You can install EndNote on your own equipment by purchasing a personal copy from


  • You can also use EndNote off campus via the Remote Application Service (RAS)
  • If you sign up for an EndNote online account you can access a limited version of the software wherever you have an Internet connection

To get an overview of EndNote, watch the video below. You can also head over to the Teach Yourself EndNote desktop pages to get started.

Other resources can be found at Clarivate's website (owner's of the EndNote product) and their library guide.


Using EndNote with Macs and ipads

It is possible to use EndNote on your Mac and also on your ipad.

A video can be found below which covers using EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online with a Mac. Other resources on how to use EndNote on your ipad can be found here.

EndNote is compatible with Apple's Pages software however, the EndNote Cite While You Write plug-in is not currently compatible with Office 2016.

Papers software is an alternative to EndNote. See here for details.

Please note that the EndNote Support Team is not able to support Mac users, although we will do our best to point you to useful information. 

Getting Help with EndNote

First of all, please read the information in the EndNote support service document (see below).

Next please go to our Library Help pages to find out whether someone has asked your question before (we regularly publish new questions).  If you can't find the answer to your query in either of these places, please email Library Help to submit a question or arrange an appointment.

If you're in the Faculty of Medical Sciences please contact: