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To add a reference, place your cursor where you wish to insert your citation then on the EndNote tab select Go to Endnote.

This takes you to your EndNote library. Navigate to and highlight your desired reference and click on the Insert Citation icon:  

OR from the EndNote tab in Word, you can also use Insert Citation > Find Citation. This opens up a dialogue box where you can search for a reference by author, title or keyword. Highlight the desired reference and click on Insert.

Below is a video giving an overview of inserting and managing citations with Cite While You Write (CWYW), which you may also find useful.

Occasionally you may need to reference several sources within the one citation. You can achieve this by placing the cursor just prior to the closing bracket of the first citation and adding the next reference. Word will merge this into the same reference.

You can change the order using the up and down arrows next to the citations when you click on Edit & Manage Citations.

To change the output style you can select an alternative from the drop down Style box in Word. The changes will be instant.

To edit citations you must use command options available in EndNote or Word - if you try to edit the body of the text in Word, the changes will not be permanently stored. Place your cursor in the reference to be amended then click on Edit and Manage Citations.

You can select to Exclude Year and/or Author, if you have already mentioned these in the body of your text.

You can add information in the Prefix or Suffix fields, for instance 'See' in the prefix or page numbers in the suffix fields.

Please note: do not use the Pages field for page numbers, use the Suffix field to ensure they are displayed correctly.

Below is a video giving an overview of inserting and managing citations with Cite While You Write (CWYW), including how to add page numbers. 

If you wish to exclude your EndNote citations from your word count, you can do this by creating a new style that hides all citations.
You can do this yourself in EndNote by selecting Edit and Output styles, then Create a new style.  In the new window select File then Save as and give the blank style a name.  Then save it in your EndNote styles folder in your H drive.  

You can then choose this output style in EndNote, then also in Microsoft Word.  As it is a blank style it will remove all citations so that you can then do your word count.  We have attached an example of this called 'Word count style', which you can use.

See this FAQ for further instructions on downloading and saving styles.

Figures, Notes and Footnotes

To add a figure or table citation to your document:

Insert Citation > Find Figure

You can then search by caption, keyword, or title.

It is possible to add a note or comment as a citation when using a numbered output style:

Insert Citation > Insert Note

You can then type your note in the pop-up box.

To add a citation as a footnote or endnote:

References tab > Insert footnote

Place your cursor beside the footnote number at the bottom of the screen, then go to the EndNote tab and insert your citation as normal.

See the video below for more details: