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Writing for Publication

If you are planning to submit your finished project or thesis for publication you may need to make some changes to your references. 

Choose the correct referencing style

Most publishers will provide advice on the style of referencing they use in their works and often provide an EndNote style file that you can use to ensure your references are correctly formatted. EndNote also have a Style Finder that can provide you with the appropriate style file for your work (see link below). Below you will also find guides that provide instructions on downloading, editing and changing your style in EndNote.

Please note: you should always check that the format of the style you download matches that expected by your intended publisher before submission.

Using Styles
Removing fieldcodes

When you submit your document for publication, you should remove the field codes which may be incompatible with a publisher's design software:

Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Plain Text.
WARNING: This strips your document of EndNote coding so is only advisable when you have completely finished editing the document.