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CWYW (Cite While You Write)
Installing the CWYW plug-in for Word

If you are using EndNote Online you will then need to install the CWYW plug-into your own version of Microsoft Word.  To do this, please follow these instructions:

  • Login to EndNote Online
  • Click on the Format tab
  • Click on Cite While You Write plug-in and download the appropriate plug-in for your system.  See the installation instructions and system requirements links for details.

Once you have installed the plug-in and have the EndNote Online tab in Word, you should find a range of referencing styles available to you via the drop-down styles menu.  If the style you require is not listed, click on Select Another Style to see the full list.

If you find that your Styles drop-down menu is empty or you would like a tailored list of styles, you can choose which style(s) you would like from within EndNote Online.

  • In EndNote Online click on the Format tab>Bibliography
  • Click on Select Favourites
  • Scroll through the list of styles, highlight and click Copy to Favourites to create your own list.

You should now see these styles available to you in your own version of Word.

Installing the CWYW plug-in on a Mac