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Reading Lists: a step-by-step guide for Academic Staff

Reading Lists - Create

Adding the Cite it! tool

You can use the Cite it! bookmark to add resources to your list. This means when you are on a website like Amazon and you want to add a book which is not on the Library Search (the library catalogue) you can pull the bibliographic details over onto your list without manually adding it all.

In order to install it:

  • Log into Blackboard and view your reading list.
  • Make sure the Bookmarks toolbar is showing on your internet browser's page.
  • From the top of the Reading List system, click on your name to reveal a drop down menu. Click on Leganto Cite It!

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to drag the Cite it! button into your bookmarks toolbar.
  • Cite It! will now be visible in your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar. 
Using the Cite it! tool

You can add resources that are not held by the Library to your list by using the Cite It! button. This pulls information about an item from websites including Amazon and Blackwells. If you add the item to your reading list then the Library will be prompted to obtain it.

  • Install the Leganto Cite It! tool (see these instructions to install).
  • Find a relevant item on your chosen website, e.g. Amazon and click on the Cite it! button in your browser toolbar.
  • A pop up box should appear where you can tell the tool to add this to a particular reading list or just your own collection of items you're interested in.
  • The amount of item information pulled into your reading list varies depending on the source used. You may need to manually edit the data.
  • The item should now appear on your reading list (if that is the option you've selected). The status of the item will indicate 'Being prepared'.
  • You can change the label of the item to Essential, Recommended or Background by clicking Add Tags to Item. You will need to do this for each item so students understand how important the item as well as the Library making arrangements for a specific number of copies to be available.

You can add resources which are classed as webpages and the Cite It! tool will pull in the details to populate the bibliographic fields for you.

  • Go to the webpage (e.g. you would like to add to your reading list.
  • Click the Cite it! button you installed on your bookmarks bar.
  • This will open an 'Add this to my list' pop-up window. 
  • The Reading List system will automatically fill in as much information as possible about the resource. You will need to check/modify this information. Change the type to website. 
  • In the bottom of the pop-up window, you can decide which list and which section you want to add it to. Or you can choose to add it your collection so it is stored in one place and you can then use that entry on multiple lists if needed.
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